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Sometimes I can't tell if my uncle says things to actually push me to do stuff or just to be an asshole. Other times I know hes doing it just to be an asshole.

I'm sorry I'm 22 years old, Uncle, and can't drive. I'm sorry whenever I get behind the wheel of a car I freak out internally and and never want to do it again. I have my reasons behind never wanting to drive and I'm sorry but I'm perfectly capable of getting around without a car.

I'm sorry I haven't chosen a school to go to because I don't want to waste 3 years and thousands of dollars just to change my mind and waste all that. I'm sorry I'm so scared of failing that sometimes I don't even want to try. I'm sorry I'd be happy with just a comfortable life and not a rich one.

I'm sorry the house is never clean enough, the bills I pay are never done enough and I don't eat the left over food enough. I'm sorry I don't try to interact enough, can't raise interest enough or speak up enough. I'm sorry I can't seem to do anything right in your eyes.

I'm sorry I seem to be nothing but a disappointment.

I'm sorry I'll never be able to say any of this to your face.
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