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Comment and I'll give you a letter; then you have to list 10 things you love that begin with that letter. Afterward, post this in your journal and give out some letters of your own.

Anyways person gives you letter you list ten things that start with that letter that you like and bam all is well in the world. So Amber gave me O but I'm doing X and Y as well just to prove to her I can 83 And it's a meme thing. Because Amber is a meme whore.

1. Owls.
2. Onomatopoeia (Just saying the word).
3. Off-Topic Conversations.
4. Oceanlife.
5. Ocelots.
6. Omnipotence.
7. Octopus's.
8. Otters.
9. Osprey's.
10. On-Line Time.

1. X-Rated Things Involving SuJu/DBSK/The Almost Legal Members of FTI.
2. Xiah (HA 8D).
3. X-Men.
4. XMan.
5. XIV (As in the number 14. God I'm a genius 8D).
6. XD (Abused extensively in chats).
7. Xiao Yun Bao (Aka Marbled Cat in another language 8D).
8. Xenophiles.
9. Xeric Plants (Such as cactus's. Which are awesome).
10. X-Ray Fish.

1. Yummy Boys like Wonbin.
2. Yehsung.
3. Yoochun.
4. Youngoon
5. Youngsaeng.
6. Yogurt.
7. Yop.
8. Yoyo's.
9. Yarn Balls.
10. Yellow Daffodils.

So I copped out on a couple. BUT I DID IT. SO NYAH AT YOU AMBER XP
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Dear Throbby,

Please to be getting out of my flist. I do not wish to see 390240291 fics by you every week. If you really are a guy I worry for any partners you may have in the future. Anal sex with no preperation = VERY PAINFUL AND NOT HOT. Throbbing in reference to a man's penis, body or him in general = TOTAL MOOD KILLER. And please, please never, ever refer to a guy's ass as a man pussy ever again. Oh and self inserts (even if you claim theyre based off dbsk, your friend and only minorly you) are totally cheesey. No DBSK are not all going to fall in love with you if you ever meet them. I'm sorry.

One last thing.

Use it.

No love,


(Puu I really hatchu right now XD)
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So... I officially upped and moved :O I was up all night yesterday packing my stuff (5 garbage bags and 6 boxes and I STILL wasnt done in my room.). By morning I was tired and frustrated and just wanted to call my mom and ask to put off the move for a week. But I didnt. And then my mom was an hour late picking me up and she left before she even came in cause my dad came home and they had gotten into a fight so theyre not speaking at the moment.

I dropped off my several boxes of stuff at my momsand shes SUPPOSED to ship them but shes a bigger procrastinator then I am so who knows when I'll get anything D: So I have no computer (Borrowing my uncles laptop right now) and no stereo and no music and Im going stir crazy and everyone is gone out doing something.

Oh yes I live in a two bedroom apartment with 5 other people. So far I have a room to myself but I dont think thats going to last.

Oh and I officially hate airports. First the airline people told me I could take Feesh (My Betta) with me on the airplane. I went through to security and they told me they had to test his water first and I could take him. Then there was nothing wrong with his water, they swabbed my backpack for GUN POWDER (They actually said this to me :O) and then after 5 min of debating decided no I could'nt take him with me on the flight. >|

So after wasting 15 min getting out, finding my mom to give her Feesh then saying goodbye to everyone a second time I go through security again. They made me walk through the metal detector a second time (I had already gone through the first time with Feesh) and even though I set no alarms off they did the body scope thing with the smaller metal detector thing and anytime it made even the slightest beep they had me empty everything out of all my pockets (I have pocket pants and carry stuff in all 8 of them >_>) and my pants had metal buckles so anytimethe machine went offoverthem they had to pat down the area to see if there was anything there >O

So after getting felt up by the security guard they went through my backpack a second time (the first time they found nothing wrong with it) and decided that my unopened paint set was a possible threat. And they wouldnt let me take it with me on the plane. Now by then I was crying (2 days of no sleep and stressed beyond belief then THIS D<) and I was getting the last call for my flight cause they were going to leave without me if I didnt hurry cause security, though wasting my boarding time, decided they didnt have to notify my flight that they were holding me up.

The first security guard who frisked my backpack (He was so nice ;^;) just sent me through and he got mad at the other guard for taking all my stuff (He was like "We already took her fish do we have to take this too?" about my unopened paints) and apologized. I wish I caught his name. So after much delay I made it onto my plane with one minute to spare.

When I got here though the first thingI seen was this gorgeous Vietnamese cargo guy with a sleeveless shirt and tanned arms that were just Gweh worthy and I got to star at him from the plane for a while as everyone infront of me got off. So by the time I met my uncle in the airport I was in a much better mood.

I just have to survive now without my computer, stereo, music, games, books, and everything else til theyre sent O_O

Job hunting starts tomorrow.

Oh and we're looking for a bigger place so we can all fit comfortably.
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